Lancer's skills and basic attacks grant dragon blood energy. By consuming dragon blood energy, Lancer can release more powerful skills or enhance currently active skills.


Craftsmen integrate the principles of alchemy into guns, stimulate the four elemental attributes, and pour out firepower in an instant to wipe out their enemies.


Gladiators use the katana as their weapon and are good at close combat, showing amazing strength whirling a sharp blade!


Rangers have unparalleled mobility and agility, they find the weakness of the enemy and move to kill in one shot!


The magic book held in the hand contains many mysteries, allowing them to deal great damage. They are good at defeating enemies with spells from a distance.


Extreme Love


The flowers that grow in the dark and shady environment have the hottest colors\nWith full of enthusiasm, she will always keep a extremely strong emotion to the host.

She looks very mature and calm but on the contrary she is a woman who is always for love

If some one is cheating on her, he might not be able to see the sun of the next day.




She turned off her emotion switch right after [that incident].

She is a girl living for revenge, hiding herself in the shadow of hatred and concealing all her emotions behind her armor. Her biggest wish is to eradicate humans.

Just like the defected Chestnut Rose, she is illiberally obsessed with the beauty of defects.

Human beings with defects in particular.


Hopeless Love


Balloon Flower is trustworthy, lively, and never hesitant.

She is introverted and despises sharing or anything.

In most cases, she puts loyalty in front of justice and would do bad things just to follow some orders.

Her sense of [right or wrong] was lost the first time she got into a battle.




Her innocent look fits her innocent personality. She is very sweet and amiable.

Hydrangea is very curious and loves to pull pranks. Behind her petite and innocent appearance hides an explosion expert (who often fails her mission though).

Even when something sad happens, she will still face it with humor and she




She stays in water most of the time and she will feel suffocated after leaving the water for loo long.

She seldom meets strangers and knows little about human society and their emotions. She is a slow responser and always strikes with an innocent look.

If you talk with her long enough, you will find that some of her ideas are quite bewildering.\nIt's unclear what is the root cause of her personality, the environment or the low IQ she was born with.




Camellia looks elegant and respectable just by standing there.

Her noble and moderate manners show her to be a well educated lady.

Many people are easily fooled by her appearance, thinking she must be too spoiled to get along with commoners. This upsets her quite a lot.\nBut sometimes, her meticulous and rigid attitude do cause stress.




She may be quiet, but her very presence draws people's respect.

The mystery surrounding her comes from her unusual grasp of time. In the eyes of Tiger's Claw, the abstract of time becomes a [silky substance].

She doesn't know how she got this power, probably because the Cabala ancients used to use her to count time.

Twin Lotus



A rarely seen Twin Lotus in the form of two girls. The elder one is called Melodia, the younger one Accompania.

Though they are twins, they have developed distinct personalities.

One is gentle and quiet, while the other is chirpy and unruly.

They always appear as witches, carrying their valued music instrument that [they will protect with their lives].




She always carries a tint of sorrow on her face. You can see sadness lingering in her eyes.

Marigold is pessimistic about everything. She also suffers from bad luck, it always rains when she goes out but the sun comes out as soon as she returned home.

It's hard to say whether her pessimism has shaped her life or if her life has made her pessimistic.\n[Anyway, this is life]


Uninhibited Heart


Quiet and distant, like the cirrocumulus cloud.

Primrose has a tender and thoughtful heart, but she is very hesitant in front of opportunities, and now she has totally given up on them.

[You may take the opportunity, but you can't guarantee the result]

[If I don't open the box, I won't get hurt from what's inside]

Even if she met someone she really likes, she would still be hesitating and eventually resort to silence.