[News] 2,500,000 Pre-registrations Achieved

2022-07-29 14:32:56

We have now achieved 2,500,000 Pre-registrations!

Miru is confident in obtaining 3,000,000 pre-registrations!

Let us continue to expand our family! Invite your friend to pre-register right now.

Pre-registration on iOS Store: https://apple.co/39sAOQ4

Pre-registration rewards update AGAIN:

100,000 Pre-registrations: Advanced Armor Enhance Dust x5, Random Dye x3

200,000 Pre-registrations: Advanced Weapon Enhance Dust x5, Skill Rubbing x200

400,000 Pre-registrations: Skill Rubbing x200, Coin x200000

700,000 Pre-registrations: Purple Crystal Chest x5, Coin x400000

1,000,000 Pre-registrations: Flower Fairy - Lily x1, Cabala Sapphire x200

2,000,000 Pre-registrations: Mount Random Dye x3, Cabala Sapphire x300, Back Decoration x1

3,000,000 Pre-registrations: Skill Rubbing x300, Level 60 Equipment Selection Chest x1, Unlock: Blooming Season Bubble x1