Frequently Asked Questions

2022-07-12 16:27:35

1. Global Launch

The game scheduled release is set for August 2022. However the date will most likely change. Available regions on Launch: EU, NA, SA, RU.


2. Supported Languages

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese


3. Pre-Registration

Google Play ->

Appple Store ->


4. Pre-Registration Rewards

100,000 Pre-registrations: Advanced Armor Enhance Dust x5, Random Dye x3

200,000 Pre-registrations: Advanced Weapon Enhance Dust x5, Skill Rubbing x200

400,000 Pre-registrations: Skill Rubbing x200, Coin x200000

700,000 Pre-registrations: Purple Crystal Chest x5, Coin x400000

1,000,000 Pre-registrations: Flower Fairy - Lily x1, Cabala Sapphire x200

2,000,000 Pre-registrations: Mount Random Dye x3, Cabala Sapphire x300, Back Decoration x1


5. PC Client/Cross Platform

Game supports Bluestack. Before logging into game on emulator please link/login on mobile. Thanks to that you will be able to login easily on Bluestack. If not you can always create new account in game on emulator.


6. Minimum Specifications for Mobile

- AOS (Android Devices)

- CPU: Qualcomm 625 and above

RAM: 3GB and above Minimum

Android Version: Android 6.0

Minimum Storage: 2GB or above

- IOS (Apple Devices)

- iPhone 7 and above


7. Classes / Character Appearance

There are 4 classes you can choose from: Ranger, Swordman, Scholar, Craftsman. Character appearance isn't locked meaning you can change their gender, hair, skin color etc. You can create 5 characters per server but spots unlocks with main character level.

(Example: Second character slot unlocks at character level 40)


8. Flower Fairy

Attributes of deployed and assisting Flower Fairy are passed on your character. They have their own various skills which help with your journey. Flower Fairies unlocks at Main Quest Lv. 8. They can be upgraded with Coins and Flower Fairy EXP.


9. Inventory

Inventory has it's own sorting tabs which will easily help you look for specific items. There is also function to open all boxes/chests plus auto identify function (both unlocks at Spirit Lv.20). At the beginning you have 80 inventory spots which can be expanded with currency or if you don't want to spend money you can always sell items with 'Sell' function.


10. Closet

Change a costume to suit your mood every day. Closet stores all of your outfits so they won't be cluttering inventory. Closet unlocks with Main Quest Lv.15.


11. Mounts

Most of mounts can be obtained from operational events and shop. There is also an option to try out specific mount for 1 day with 'Mount Trail Coupon'. You can dye your mounts with 'Mount Random Dye' or 'Fixed Dye'. Mounts unlock at Lv.13


12. Auto-Combat

Auto-Combat unlocks at Fairy Lv.2. This function will battle monsters automatically using your character skills. Use it for farming items and exp.

Not recommended for pvp (player versus player) and party content.


13. Offline Battle Management

Offline Battle Management gives rewards from battles when you are offline. Unlocks at Lv.58

You can see how much time you have left for Offline Battle Management above the settings icon in the menu.


14. Skills

Skill are unlocked with character level. Switching weapons will also switch class and active skills. You can equip 3 types of weapons at most which can be switched easily in battles. They can be upgraded with Coins and Skill Rubbing.


15. Official Links

Facebook Group: